A message from Dc Mike

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Firstly, our regular Mass videographer is away for the weekend celebrating 25 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary Ed and Jeanine!

As a result, we are sending you another of Fr Dave’s recorded Masses from the USA. Nevertheless, this highlights the need for more helpers in this area. Our parish Mass is recorded on an iPhone (!) so there must be lots of competent users out there. Please contact me if you would like to join the team. Training will be provided. Thank you.

It also may be a time to mention that Mass capacity has been increased to 100 so please book in for weekend Masses. Although the dispensation is still in place, it should be noted that if you are going to the shops, work or school, etc., there is probably no reason not to receive the Eucharist at Mass as well. We hope to see you soon.

God Bless

Dc Mike

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