A message from Duncan & Bianca Jack

Dear fellow parishioners and friends.

I had the privilege of growing up in our wonderful parish and knowing so many of you. I received support and encouragement as a young altar server, and in many other ministries and ventures since then, all with the amazing encouragement and mentorship that I was privileged to have. I received all my sacraments at Blessed Sacrament, the latest of which was my marriage to Bianca and later the Baptism of our son, Elijah, who is now 18months old.

We are now embarking on a new journey and are emigrating to the Netherlands. In normal circumstances we would have said our goodbyes in a different manner, but given our current restrictions, I would like to say a most heartfelt thank you to every member of Blessed Sacrament and Star of the Sea. To mention each person by name would turn this notice into a dissertation, not to mention it would exclude those that have helped in ways of which I am not even aware, especially through special intercessory prayers, for which we are so grateful. For all of this, we say thank you.

Although we will be leaving, we will be leaving with the parish and all our experiences in our hearts.

Kind regards,

Duncan, Bianca and Elijah Jack

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