Be imitators of God.

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As modern Christians , we are quite accustomed to instructions on how we should live. The people of the New Testament, however, were still relating to Jesus as a person, not as the living presence in the church. In so doing, Paul also gives us some really practical guidance on how we should behave today.

There is no doubt that, with modern media, society today is exposed to many more influences than ever before – some of them good, but many more which are detrimental. TV stations warn parents to set up their system to prevent children from watching some material. Radio presenters seem to think that it is acceptable to warn listeners that what they are going to say will be inappropriate for children. Who are they kidding? The assumption is that the parents are permanently listening in to what the children are tuned into!

The level of immorality and dishonesty has increased as some people seem to accept that what society says and does must be acceptable to them also. St Paul says, “Don’t even mention immorality or impurity or greed.” (Eph.5:3) Maybe easier said than done! Just watching a sitcom or movie exposes us to bad language, sexual freedom and questionable business dealings.

Family values are under siege. When Christian morals are raised, they are challenged with, “But that is so old fashioned/out of date.” But more about this tomorrow.

The bottom line is that we have the freedom to choose what we are exposed to. Even when we encounter undesirable values, we need to ensure that our Christian convictions are strong enough to resist or even challenge them. The saying, “Put on the armour of Christ” is pertinent here. We must be imitators of God – and in order to do that, we must be fully informed of what God, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, is actually telling us.

Have a wonderful day, filled with an awareness of God’s presence.

God bless & stay safe. Dc Mike & the team. 

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