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Newsletter 31 August

Good morning.

We have a lot to share with you this morning so please read to the end!


Reopening of the Church

Blessed Sacrament Parish
  1. Firstly, the BIG news is that we resume public Masses today. Please be aware that we are bound by some restrictions as follows:

  2. Only 50 people, including the celebrant and any assistants, are allowed at each Mass.

  3. You MUST book in advance to attend Mass. This is available by phoning the parish office during office hours and it will also be available online within the next few days. Booking for weekend Masses will close on the preceding FRIDAY.

  4. You will have to wear masks and do the full check-in and sanitisation before entering the church.

  5. Social distancing must be adhered to. There are markers on the benches to show where you may sit. Please sit in the place where you are shown. This is to prevent people having to climb over each other.

  6. Communion will be distributed after the final blessing. The congregation must approach in single file and with social distancing. After receiving, which will be under one kind only, you must leave the church without returning to your bench.

  7. Please note that the Chapel is still closed for adoration.

  8. Children’s church on Sundays will not resume for the time being.


Important information from the Southern Cross.

We have received an important notice from the Southern Cross which needs your response:

Dear Friends

This has been a difficult time for all of us in Church communities and we send you our warm greetings and the hope that soon we will be able to worship together.

Here at The Southern Cross we have had to completely change how we operate as we are dependent on parish sales — and unfortunately we lost all of these when the national lockdown began. It has been a tough time for our staff who had to go through a retrenchment process. Now we have our editor, Gunther, digital editor, Claire, and Pamela, our business manager, working at great sacrifice on a freelance basis to keep The Southern Cross alive.

The magazine will feature articles relating to all things Catholic: faith and society, personalities, burning questions, travel, millennials, family, education, world class spiritual reflections, pull-out poster of a Saint of the Month, as well as fun stuff like the popular crossword, wordsearch, trivia quiz, and so on.

We are taking orders already so that we can get the magazine to you by the start of October. The November issue will celebrate our centenary and December will be our Christmas issue. The cover price is R30, including VAT. Please place your orders with your parish office as soon as possible .

The future of our Southern Cross rests largely in your hands! PLEASE help us get the new magazine out there. Thank you for your past support and we pray for a speedy end to the coronavirus crisis.


Right to Live Campaign

The Right to Live Campaign would normally be taking up their annual collection at this time and they need our help. For more information, download the official letter.


Guild of Our Lady of Mercy

The Guild of Our Lady of Mercy is in need of:

  1. Babies clothes

  2. Clothing for young boys and teenage boys clothing 

  3. Material for making boys shorts

Donations can be dropped off at the parish office in the mornings or contact Liz Walker (0727247673) and she will collect.


Condolences and Parishioner Update

  1. Condolences to Nell and Jim McKeen whose son Danny died yesterday morning and to Norman Adami whose brother died on Saturday after a long illness.

  2. Norman also reports that Biddy will be receiving a port for ongoing treatment but that she is doing much better. Thank you for all the prayers offered.


September Birthdays

Download the September birthday list. Happy Birthday to all celebrating in September.


Whew! We know that this is a bumper issue but we do aim to keep you informed.

God bless and stay safe. Fr James, Dc Mike & the team.

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