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Newsletter for Week 18 Cycle A

Good morning!

During the 1980’s (okay, so I am dating myself!), Canadian singer Anne Murray released a song called “A little good news”, which drew attention to the amount of bad news that we receive via the media. Now, some 35 years later, we might well ask, “So what’s changed?”. And it might be a really valid question! Whenever I turn on the TV or the radio, I hear of tension in the world – political tension; racial tension; financial tension; and, yes, even religious tension.

Being stuck indoors or limited from doing what we called “normal” a few months ago has also resulted in tension, both within ourselves and within our relationships. But there is a positive of which we must not lose sight. God is one constant; he never changes; and the message through which we know him is GOOD NEWS – which, incidentally, is the meaning of the word “Gospel”.

So here, hopefully, is some good news:

Catechism Update

The lockdown has brought out some really resourceful characteristics from our teachers. All the catechism lessons are running using various forms of social media. Unfortunately, not all the children have access to Zoom or even wi-fi so contact has had to be creative.

Nevertheless, I do appeal to the parents to respond to the material that is being made available to them. As the primary teachers of their children in the ways of the faith – a promise made at Baptism – you have a golden opportunity to walk this spiritual journey with them. Please make the teachers aware of your progress, especially for the Grade 3 and 4’s who are preparing for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.


Lifeteen, Edge, Zoom Meetings

Sunday evenings are very busy online, with both Edge and Lifeteen running Zoom meetings during school term time. Kudos to the enthusiasm of the teams who run these activities. Again, please commit to these exciting programs.


Confirmation Lessons

Confirmation lessons continue (whenever loadshedding doesn’t interrupt). Please pray for these teens. The chancery has indicated that the Covid-19 lockdown is creating a huge backlog of Confirmations so any expectations need to be contained at this stage.


Parish Zoom Chat

Our next Zoom chat is coming up this Thursday at 7.30pm. Please don’t miss out on this special opportunity to chat (or just listen) to the clergy and other parishioners for a short 30 min. session. I would encourage you to bring your own glass of wine but suspect that some of you may have exhausted that resource by now….


An appeal from the SVDP

Please support the SVDP grocery bag project. Bags are available at the parish office.


Alpha Program

We are looking at running an online ALPHA program. Watch this space!


Blessed Sacrament News

Please send through any news. We like to compile this newsletter by Friday afternoon but will accept items at any stage for publication on Monday of each week.


We are told that covid infections are still growing at an alarming rate so please be especially careful at this time.

God Bless and stay safe. Dc Mike & the team.

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