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Newsletter for Week 15

Good morning.

Well, it is a lot more chilly this week. It was a real surprise to see hail in Durban again. I can only recall hail when my family was MUCH younger. And so, the times continue to change and surprise us! Now for the news…

Parish Zoom Chat

The Zoom chat on Thursday was a lot of fun. It was great to see some of the old faces (and the not so old). This forum allows for sharing of questions, concerns and just plain happenings. Please accept the open invitation next time – we meet every two weeks. As always, if you let us have your questions beforehand, we can have the answers prepared for you, or even invite special guests to chat also.

Growing Faith

We were having a look at the data from the website to see how things are going with Growing Faith. It is encouraging to see how many people are visiting this site regularly. Nevertheless, the parable from yesterday’s gospel is a reminder that the seeds of the sower fall in strange places and that we are still not be reaching as many parishioners as possible. Please keep spreading the word so that the greater flock can be fed.

We would appreciate your feedback/criticism/suggestions about any elements of Growing Faith. We have been offering the Sunday Mass for a few weeks now but are aware that some of you have been watching the Masses from elsewhere. Please let us know if you feel that we need to make any changes. Clearly, the content is set and can’t be changed but maybe there is something? We would like to get the whole parish on board, if possible. Our Contact details: Connect here

Cardinal Napier Update

In his July News Bulletin, Cardinal Napier gives an important message updating us on the Covid-19 situation as it affects the church. Significantly, he quotes the President who says, “We in the government have done what we can. Now it is in your hands!” To read the full text, which includes the Clarity on the Guidelines and the Reopening Timetable from the Chancellor, please click here.

Southern Cross

We were saddened to read that the Southern Cross, after nearly 100 years of publication, is having to make serious changes. Financially, the newspaper has been crippled by the lack of income brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and the entire permanent staff is having to leave. What we will see from August onwards will probably be a monthly magazine generated by part-time staff rather than a weekly newspaper. This is a great loss to the Catholic church of southern Africa. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers. For the full text of the editor’s message, click here.

The Grief Support Group

grief support group blessed sacrament

The Grief Support Group met last week for tea (social distancing was applied as much as could practically be achieved). Lizz Payne, seated front left, has departed on a repatriation flight back to the UK via Durban, Cape Town and Amsterdam – a 30-hour journey! Lizz has also been a staunch team member of the Lifeteen Core team. Thank you and Bon Voyage Lizz!

Guild of Our Lady

Thank you to those who responded so generously to the appeal from the Guild of Our Lady for clothes. Please keep these coming by dropping off any clothing items at the parish office any morning of the week. Especially as we wrap up to keep ourselves warm, let us be mindful of those who are much more desperate than ourselves in these icy times. Thank you.

That’s all for now. Please send any news items to me for inclusion in the future..

God Bless and stay safe. Dc Mike & the team.

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