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Newsletter for Week 14 Cycle A

Good morning!

Friday was the feast day of St Thomas who, by doubting that Jesus had appeared to the other apostles in the upper room, became popularly known as the Doubting Thomas. This title is often given to people in modern times when they show serious doubt about issues. This leads to a question that is being bandied about by some in these times: “Will the church survive the Corona Virus epidemic?

Now this is a good question because it demonstrates real concern for the shepherd’s flock. And I believe that the critical element of the question is, ”What constitutes the church?”. Yes, this current crisis is denying us access to several of the sacraments, most notably Holy Mass. But we should remind ourselves that the church is made up of people, not bricks. So how, in these difficult times, can the flock be fed, nourished and kept together?

The church, at all levels, is very cognisant of the craving that everyone is having for the Eucharist and will endeavour to open the churches as soon as sensibly possible. In the meantime, if you are reading this and know of parishioners who are not receiving Growing Faith, please either let us have their details or ask them to contact me so that when the doors do start opening, we can have contact with them.

Then let us remember that the most basic unit of the church is the family. If Christ is well and living in the home, the church will get through this. In fact, I would suggest that we may be even stronger as a result of a deeper appreciation for what we have missed. So, let us pray: Pray in petition; pray in worship; pray in appreciation; just pray – often.

Probably most importantly, ensure that the young children, teenagers and young adults are kept involved. We should all be attending Mass online if it is accessible to us. The Blessed Sacrament Mass is posted on Saturday evenings and is deliberately kept to about 30 mins which makes it convenient to diarise and commit to. Please do so.

Other matters:

  1. A reminder that Fr James is available for confessions. Please phone him to make an appointment.

  2. The Southern Cross is available online and must be subscribed to. Let’s support our Catholic press. Parishioners can subscribe by emailing or going to

  3. We intend to have another Zoom chat on Thursday evening at 7.30pm, technology permitting. You will all receive the link and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Please bring your own glass of wine or cup of coffee. For more information click here:

  4. Marie-Claude Lamousse is in hospital with a broken femur. Please keep her in your prayers

  5. Condolences to the family of Luigi Buccimazza who passed away last week. Luigi was a regular member of the congregation at the Saturday 5.30pm Masses. May his soul rest in peace.

God Bless and stay home, stay safe. Dc Mike and the team.

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