Sunday Bulletin - Week 14 Year B


14th SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME- YEAR B – 03/04 July 2021


Saturday 03 July Pat Fisher R.I.P.

Bernard Courtois R.I.P.

Sunday 04 July Special intention for Maria and Cruz,

and for the Duval Family.

Shireen Catterall R.I.P..

Graham Mocke R.I.P.

Manuel de Lima R.I.P.

Judith da Silva R.I.P.

Monday 05 July Paul and Nathalie Teixeira – Wedding anniversary.

Tuesday 06 July Special intention for Jermaine Chettair.

Parishioners’ intentions.

Wednesday 07 July Francisco Gomes Neto R.I.P.

Michael Power and Henry Howlett R.I.P.

Thursday 08 July Special intention for Catherine Maroun.

Friday 09 July Special intention for Kim.

For doctors, nurses and health care workers.


LIVE MASS BROADCAST: We have set up the live broadcast of a private parish Mass TONIGHT (Saturday) at 5.30pm. The YouTube link will be sent out via the Growing Faith WhatsApp link and you will be able to log on while Mass is being celebrated. Also, we will record it and you will be able to access this in the usual way. Please pass this information on to any parishioners who are not registered on Growing Faith so that they can also benefit from this.

COLLECTIONS: Please note that, without a congregation, the usual collections need support:

The Society of St Vincent de Paul continues to experience increasing appeals for help. They urgently need financial assistance and would appreciate any contributions. The banking details are:

FNB Branch 220629, Acc No 60079256406.

Please also remember to contribute to the running of the parish.

Parish of the Blessed Sacrament

FNB Durban 221426, Acc No. 50844547792



Lord Jesus Christ, during your earthly ministry, at your command, the sick were made well. Come to our aid now in the midst of the global pandemic, that we may experience your healing love.

Give leaders of nations and communities the foresight to act with charity and true concern for the well-being of the people they are meant to serve. Give them the wisdom to invest in long-term solutions that will help prepare for or prevent future outbreaks.

Grant to all peoples the grace to respect the measures suggested that may curtail the spread of this virus, and health, strength and courage to doctors, nurses and other health-care workers.

We ask this in your Holy name. Amen.



• Online Daily Mass (Daily TV Mass, Bryanston Catholic Church).

• Todays Bible reading and reflection from the Vatican.

• Parish Banking Details

• Blessed Sacrament’s Sunday Mass will be shared on Sunday

Online Mass Booking Form

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