Do you know the date of your birthday?

Good morning.

So, another year has rolled around and I am another year older! But it’s amazing how our attitude towards birthdays changes as we grow older.

I recall one of the most unmemorable birthdays(!) as a kid was when my younger sister got measles or chicken-pox (can’t remember which) and we all had to go into quarantine for two weeks OVER MY BIRTHDAY. Then, when Guy Fawkes came around a few weeks later, I got the bug and was stuck in the car while everyone else, including my little sister, enjoyed the festivities!! Sounds something like what many of us have experienced in 2020…

These days there is a sobering thought in Psalm 90, vs 10 which says, “Our span is seventy years, or eighty for those who are strong.” And so I have taken to drinking the good wine in my limited stock!

The heading of this reflection, “Do you know the date of your birthday?” seems a dumb question, but what about the date of your re-birthday? – your spiritual birthday: Baptism. I know that mine is 6 December, but I only know that because I had to look it up! But we should all know the date of our baptism. After all, it is the date on which we became children of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and fully integrated into the family of his church.

It is a date worth celebrating too! I encourage families to keep their Baptism candles in a suitable place so that they are reminded to light it every year on the date of their Baptism as well as at Easter when we renew our Baptismal promises.

As I said in a post last week, Baptism is the beginning of a journey, but the journey does not end at the end of our life on earth! Our spirit or soul, ignited at Baptism, takes us into eternity. It should be really important, therefore, that we ensure that we keep our soul in top health and condition. Just as our body needs to be nourished, so does our spirit. We do this by living the life that is pleasing to God; attending Mass regularly; and cleaning up any blemishes through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

We all know that a physical workout is good for us. Maybe God is calling you today to energise your soul so that you can become a force to be reckoned with in this challenging time in the world?

Have an amazing day.

God bless and, as always, stay safe. Dc Mike & the team.

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