Feast of St Lawrence, patron saint of deacons.

Good morning!

Today is the Feast of St Lawrence, patron saint of deacons.

“Lawrence is probably the most famous of the Roman martyrs. He was a deacon full of love for the poor, filled with courage before his torturers and a good sense of humour even while dying for his faith in 258. Tradition holds that as he was roasting to death on a gridiron, he asked his torturers to turn him over, since he was “done” on that side. Devotion to Lawrence was widespread by the fourth century.” (From the Prayer of the Church, Paulines Publications 2009)

Please pray for the deacons of this parish:

  1. Dc Tony de Freitas (ordained 30 December 2004)

  2. Dc Noel Pistorius (ordained 1 March 2002)

  3. Dc Mike O’Neill (ordained 10 December 1995)

Footnote: Please note that death by roasting is not a prerequisite for deacons! Thank you.

The parish weekly newsletter will be published tomorrow.

God bless and stay safe. Dc Mike and the team.

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