Guardian Angels. We all have one!

Good morning.

Last Tuesday we celebrated the feast of the Archangels, the highest order of angels. On Friday we gave recognition to the Guardian Angels, commonly considered the lowest order of angels since their responsibility is not solely to worshipping God but also to caring for humans!

The Guardian Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible. Apart from references in the Old Testament, e.g. Psalm 91:11, examples are Acts 8:26 and 12:15; Hebrews 1:14 and 13:2, and of course the gospel of Friday’s Mass (Mt.18:10). Guardian angels help us to sort out the small stuff in our lives. They walk the daily journey with us, guiding and influencing us in making right decisions and sometimes even protecting us.

It is important to recognise and communicate with our Guardian Angels. The more that we do this, the closer we will come to God since we will be more aware of our spiritual existence and how we can feed it. A fellow deacon once asked me if I know the name of my Guardian Angel. He said that, if I wanted to know, I should simply ask him/her/it. So, just out of interest, I tried it.

Over the next few weeks, the name “John” kept coming up but, let’s face it, John is a pretty common name – so I didn’t take much notice. Then shortly afterwards, at Mass, the gospel (Luke 1:63) contained the words, “His name is John.” This was in reference to the naming of John the Baptist – but it did catch my attention!

So maybe my Guardian Angel is called John, maybe not – it really doesn’t matter, but somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been a number of Guardian Angels who have handed in their resignation after having been allocated to me for any period of time!!!

Just remember that, when you pray, there is a spiritual being praying with you and for you all the time. For me, it is such a reassuring thought that we are never alone in prayer. And, even when we die, that there is an angel to walk with us to meet our creator.

Have a happy and holy Monday.

God Bless and stay safe. Dc Mike & the team.

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