Look ahead! Don’t look back

Good morning.

I realised over the weekend that there is less than 3 months until Christmas! That is made even more startling when you consider that Christmas 2019 was the last time that we met as a parish for a major religious celebration. Where has the year gone?

But, much as we may reflect on the year that has passed and may yet produce even more challenges, we need to always look forward; to the excitement and opportunities of the future. For, no matter how uncertain the future may seem, we have no control over the past; only the future.

As Christians , we are a people of hope. We should continually ask ourselves, “What does the Lord want me to do now?” “What do I need to do in order to make best use of the talents and potential that he has given me?” In this way, Jesus becomes an integral reality in our lives. No matter how simple or mundane the task, we do it in His name. No matter how huge and daunting the challenge, we do it in His name.

Rebuilding the community of the church in our parish will take time and a concerted effort. What we will emerge into will almost certainly not be what we left behind. We must be open to the potential and opportunities for growth and innovation. There is much excitement – but we all need to be on board! Let’s just be open to it.

Just a couple of notices:

  1. As you will have read in the weekend bulletin, Fr James will be away on leave for the month of October. We wish him well and a good rest. Please direct any enquiries to the parish office or myself.

  2. When Level 2 was announced, we introduced extra Masses for your convenience. However, it has become evident that some Masses are not in demand. Therefore, please note that the Saturday 9am Mass at Star of the Sea has been discontinued.

Have a wonderful day.

God bless and stay safe. Dc Mike & the team.

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