The beginning of the end

Good morning.

Today is the first day of the last week of the liturgical year. In many ways, it is a time to look back at what the year has done for us – and to us!

It is no coincidence, therefore, that we read the last of the teachings of Jesus contained in Chapter 21 of the Gospel of Luke throughout this week. Today we look at the first four verses which talk about the widows pence. The message is that it is easy to give from what we have in excess, but to give from what we need ourselves is what is expected. That is tough, especially in today’s climate.

But giving of ourselves is not necessarily of a financial nature, although this is quite useful to the recipient. Giving of one’s time and talents is just as important. And it is in this spirit that I would like to acknowledge some particular people in the parish.

The title of this daily reflection, Growing Faith, was derived from the need for a platform to continue the growth of faith in the community during the Covid lockdown. So many people have made a real effort to reach the parishioners under these trying circumstances.

I would therefore like to thank the Lifeteen Core, the Edge Core, all the Catechism teachers from both Virginia and Star of the Sea who rose to the challenge using Zoom, YouTube and other media to keep contact with the children, teens and young adults. Mention must also be made of the Marriage Preparation team who, although marriages have understandably been few, have prepared the couples via social media.

Needless to say, there are so many other amazing activities which have continued under lockdown but today I really wanted to focus on Formation. We would normally have had a function to express our gratitude but, alas, it is not possible at the moment. So, from Fr James and myself, a very big THANK YOU!

Have a wonderful day filled with positive thoughts.

God bless. Stay safe.

Dc Mike & the team.



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