The time will come!

Good morning.

Continuing with the gospel of Luke, Ch. 21, we see in verses 12-19 that Jesus says that the time will come for us to witness to his name. The judgement from mankind may be cruel, but perseverance will save our eternal lives.

We all know that this is tough. Some of you may even have family members with whom you dare not discuss religion – just to keep the peace. But we do not have to shove our faith in peoples’ faces just to show that we have it. Diplomacy is often more persuasive than force.

As we approach the end of the last week of the liturgical year, it may be a good idea to start preparations for Advent. I recommend that you make/buy/repair your Advent wreath so that it is ready for next week and that you can light it as from Sunday. Try to make Advent a significant time in the home this year.

It is also not too early to start considering your plans for Christmas – which is exactly one month away. How will you celebrate it safely this year? How will you attend Mass? When will you attend Mass? When are Confessions? (15 December!) I am sure that you have many more questions and now is the time to ask them.

May God be with you and bless your home and family.

Stay safe.

Dc Mike & the team.



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