Update on the Church Opening

We have received news that we may re-enter our churches after the long 5-month lockdown.

Cardinal Napier and Archbishop Gabuza have granted permission to all the Faithful in the Archdiocese that the ‘Sunday obligation’ may be fulfilled by attending any Mass during the week. For those who still feel insecure and vulnerable at this state, may return when they feel the time is correct.

There have been several Masses added to the Parish’s weekly schedule. Please note the schedule below. An ‘on-line’ and ‘phone-in’ booking system will be in place soon.

Blessed SacramentStar of the SeaSunday09h00 & 17h1507h00Monday17h30—Tuesday17h3009h00Wednesday08h3017h30Thursday08h3017h30Friday17h3009h00Saturday17h3009h00

Official letter from Fr James is available here: download. Please read the letter as there is additional critical information to ensure we adhere to the Government regulations.

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